Yukon life

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Our communities

The Yukon Communities website will help you make decisions about living and working in the communities of Yukon, Canada. The site showcases interesting statistical information about each community as well as photographs and real stories from people who live here.

Heritage and culture

The land of the world's greatest gold rush still holds invaluable treasures. Our culture is rich with First Nation tradition and contemporary arts. You'll find artifacts and stories of our heritage across Yukon, and a celebration of music, theatre, film and visual art in festivals throughout the year.

Outdoor activities

Vast wilderness, historic rivers and plenty of fresh air are just a few features that make the Yukon a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you crave the freedom of backcountry skiing, the rush of biking some of the world's best trails or a peaceful day of fishing, you'll find what you're looking for here.

Immigrating to Yukon

Everything you need to know about immigrating to and working in the Yukon including application forms, information sessions for newcomers, frequently asked questions and more.

Education and schools (kindergarten to grade 12)

Planning for school, school calendar and directory, school bus schedule, transferring schools and more.

Post-secondary education

Yukon College is an integral part of Yukon, with 13 campuses throughout. Grounded in northern expertise and strong partnerships, it contributes significantly to the development of a healthy and prosperous north through relevant, innovative and inclusive education and research.

Other employment opportunities in Yukon (YuWin)

An online employment resource for employers and job seekers. The YuWin job board is a comprehensive, up-to-date source of all job opportunities in the Yukon.