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The Yukon government offers diverse opportunities to develop your career while enjoying a vibrant community with rich artistic, cultural and recreational opportunities, all set in a spectacular natural environment.

We are the Yukon public service.

Every day, we come together to serve the people who live here, and to make a difference in so many ways – from simple to extraordinary and everything in between.

System upgraded planned for near future 

The upgrade will place more control in your hands, introducing numerous features aimed at making the process of searching for, applying on and accepting jobs more user friendly.

Updates on the upgrade will be posted as available, and throughout the upgrade we will provide ample documentation and support to ensure a smooth transition.

Apply on an administrative position through the Centralized Recruitment and Certification process

The Yukon government is running a pilot designed to streamline recruiting for certain positions. The pilot will focus on administrative positions at the AR07 and AR09 levels. If you are interested in any administrative positions within YG, submit your application through the respective job ads:

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Apply on a Human Resources position through the Human Resources Consultant (HRC) Series

The HRC Series will be used for relevant Yukon government jobs such as HR Consultant, HR Advisor, HR Coordinator and HR Officer. It is a combination of standardized job descriptions that reflect different levels of responsibility, corresponding competencies and standards, and related certification, pay and position management processes.

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