Preparing your resume profile

The ideal resume is comprehensive but always targeted to the job you are applying for. List all the skills, experience, education and technical knowledge you possess that is relevant to the position. Emphasize those that are listed in the essential qualifications and requirements on the competition.

  • prepare and submit your cover letter and resume in English
  • include relevant non-work experience, such as coaching a team or volunteering with a cultural organization
  • include special skills, if they are relevant (such as fluency in a second language)
  • give details, such as the dates and locations of the work or experience, and what duties, responsibilities and successes you had
  • address any specific requirements in the posting, such as particular certification, skills, or affiliation with a preferred target group (e.g., First Nations or persons with a disability)
  • include your vital statistics (such as age, marital status or weight)
  • include your social insurance number
  • offer irrelevant detail, such as unrelated hobbies or interests
  • include information that may be controversial (such as your reasons for leaving a past job, your former salary or your religious or political affiliation)
  • attach reference letters (instead, list their contact information)
Final review

Once you have written your resume and cover letter, read them again several times to make sure that:

  • they are easy to read
  • your words are thorough, but concise and to-the-point
  • your contact information is complete with legal first and last name and up-to-date in your resume profile
  • they are honest, and you have not exaggerated or misrepresented your qualifications
  • there are no typos, and your text is grammatically correct, with proper punctuation and spelling
Sample cover letter, resume and job advertisement

Use the cover letter, resume and job advertisement samples only for the content, as your text formatting will not transfer into your online application (however, you will have the ability to format your cover letter and resume through the online text editor).

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