Yukon Co-Op Education program

Post-secondary students may be eligible for year-round work placements with the Yukon government.

To be eligible, you must:
  • be registered in a co-op program that has been approved by the Canadian Association for Cooperative Education
  • be in a diploma or degree program that has work terms as a condition of graduation
  • have completed at least one year of academic study
  • be eligible to work in Canada (although preference is given to residents of Yukon)

By work term (pay is a percentage of the starting salary for assigned duties)

1 2 3 4 5 or more
60% 65% 70% 75% 80%

Generally, the rate of pay selected should allow for a meaningful progression in the salary range on subsequent assignments. At the discretion of the manager, pay at any step above the minimum may be paid:

  • to students who possess some relevant previous work experience; or
  • where there is a shortage of students in the field of study required; or
  • when a university degree or year of study is required as a pre-requisite for another program, such as a bachelor of law, education, medicine, pharmacy or veterinary sciences program.
How to apply

Recruitment for the Yukon Co-Op Education program is coordinated through your individual co-op study program. Your school’s work-placement coordinator will help you find a placement, in consultation with the hiring department within the Yukon government.

More information

During your placement, your academic studies will be integrated into on-the-job learning. Areas of employment include engineering, geology, information technology, health care and many other technical fields.

Full and part-time placements are available in several Yukon communities and last a minimum of 12 weeks. Participants in this program are often encouraged to take on multiple placements, to get the widest possible exposure to the range of opportunities available in the territory.

The Yukon Co-Op Education program is subject to the conditions outlined in the Government of Yukon Job Experience Program policy manual.