Employee recognition

We believe it is important to recognize and reward employees and teams who demonstrate initiative, dedication, innovation and achievement as they deliver programs and services to the Yukon public. A range of formal and informal recognition programs and awards allow us to celebrate excellence in the Yukon public service.

Awards and recognition programs
  • Premier’s Award of Excellence: celebrates the good work of the public service and showcases the talents of our employees.
  • Aboriginal Employee Award of Honour: recognizes accomplishments of Yukon government Aboriginal public servants who provide outstanding service or contributions to the Yukon government, fellow employees or to the Yukon public.
  • Environmental Stewardship award: recognizes a Yukon government employee who makes an effort to achieve a more environmentally sustainable workplace through their own actions or by encouraging co-workers to take action.
  • Long Service awards: annual awards honouring our employees with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service.
  • Departmental recognition programs: most departments have an informal recognition program that celebrate individual employee's special achievements or exceptional work.
Yukon Public Service Week

The second week of June is annual Yukon Public Service Week. Events are held throughout Yukon to celebrate and recognize the hard work and achievements of Yukon public servants.

If you are a current Yukon government employee looking for more information on this topic, please login in to Employee Info on Yukonnect. To login you must prefix your YNET username with YNET\ (or YESNET\ if you are a teacher).