Pay, benefits and pension

Competitive pay

Employees are paid in accordance with the annual, bi-weekly and/or hourly rates of pay for the classification of their position.

Teachers, Educational assistants and Aboriginal Language Instructors are paid in accordance with their qualifications and years of teaching experience.

Current pay grids

Benefit plans

Benefits are provided for eligible employees of the Yukon government, members of the Legislative Assembly, for persons employed under the Cabinet and Caucus Employees Act and for former employees receiving pension benefits.

The Yukon government's group insurance benefits are provided by Great-West Life.

Benefit guides are available for each employee group:

Relocation expenses

In some situations, new employees may be eligible for reimbursement of expenses to cover certain costs related to moving to a Yukon community to work for the Yukon government.

Pension plan

Yukon government employees are members of the Federal Government of Canada's Public Service Pension Plan.

Employees should contact the Government of Canada's Pension Centre for any details related to their pension however Yukon government Pension Administrators in the Public Service Commission can discuss Yukon government leave and benefits as it relates to employee retirement options and their pension. Pension plan contact information

If you are a current Yukon government employee looking for more information on this topic, please login in to Employee Info on Yukonnect. To login you must prefix your YNET username with YNET\ (or YESNET\ if you are a teacher).